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Outdoor Power Heated Vest - Above Water Only

Thermalution Outdoor Power Heated Vest

Thermalution Outdoor Power Heated Vest

Forget those bulky jackets and thick thermal underwear!

The Outdoor Series is a great choice of products for people who work in harsh weather conditions or hikers, fishermen, trampers, snowboarders and even people who are generally cold.

With the Outdoor Series you will be able to control your temperature anytime anywhere with ourthree-level setting micro controller.

With our Power Heated Vests heating up your core temperature, you will get the agility you deserve in light-weight garments with the warth you've always wanted

For Use ABOVE water ONLY!

Duration: approx 180 mins

Other Features:

500 charge times
Temperature with micro-controller
3 level temperature setting
Wired control system

Other Features:
3 level temperature settings
Temperature micro control
Wireless Control System

This range will be in stock soon but is available to order
Please email us at sales@thermalution.co.uk with your requirements

Thermalution Outdoor Power Vest - Medium (PSD06-BE-M)

Price: 100.00 (120.00 Including VAT at 20%)

Size Chart

Size Chart