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Thermalution Power Sports - Yellow Belt - Shoulder

Yellow Belt - Shoulder

Yellow Belt - Shoulder

THERMAL SPORT - New Product for 2017
Yellow Belt
Area : Shoulder

Body Featured protection - Comfortable, Easy and Safe!

Heated by non-metallic ThermalTek® wires for increased durability and flexibility.

We have combined the common knowledge of applying heat to sore and or injured body parts with our unique blend of thermal sport belts and guards that will relief your pain and aid your injury.

Made of genuine neoprene, our products emit safe Far Infrared Ray that will penetrate your skin and gently elevate your body heat, improve blood circulation, promote tissue and cell regeneration and bring you comfort that cannot be matched.

Thermalution Thermal Sports Yellow Belt - Shoulder - One Size (PCD06-BA)

Price: 133.33 (160.00 Including VAT at 20%)

In stock
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Size Chart